31 Days of Halloween: Day 3 “Bestselling Horror”


Halloween Scary House

~post by Joe T.

From October to October is a 12 month period that defines the Horror Year. Halloween is a holiday that can act as both Christmas and New Year: some people only read nightmarish fiction during that one month, others use it as a celebration to kick-off a whole new list of books to read.

So, if you’re looking for a good scary book to read for Halloween or if you’re looking for a few books to pad out your yearly reading lists, why not take a gander at what some of your co-conspirators have read over the last year? From October 1st 2012 to the end of September 2013, these are the top 5 selling horror books for BookPeople. Tomorrow we’ll will be returning with books 6-10.

Scary Reading!

1.  World War Z by Max Brooks

“With the possible exception of George Romero’s Dead trilogy, Max Brooks’

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